Zebra RW 420 battery eliminator can save you money

Posted July 2, 2009

Zebra RW 420Zebra’s new RW 420 Battery Eliminator is ideal for applications like e-citation and route printing, where printers are often kept and used in the cab—fixed-mounted and powered by the vehicle’s power source instead of the printer’s battery. In such cases, the RW 420 Battery Eliminator will reduce the cost of owning the RW 420 printer over the course of its life.

This RW 420 Battery Eliminator can help you cut costs

  • Save on periodic battery replacement
  • Increase the reliability of your printer Battery-powered devices (cell phones, handhelds, laptops, printers, etc.) exposed to hot and cold temperature extremes experienced in vehicles may have limited performance.
  • As reliable and durable as the printer, the RW 420 Battery Eliminator helps ensure dependable, long-life printer performance. The Battery Eliminator meets the stringent SAE J1113-11 International Automotive Standards, thus protecting the printer from power surges and other power conditions typically encountered in a vehicle installation

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