Wasp Introduces the New WWS550i for iPad, iPhone, or Android Mobile Devices

Posted April 10, 2012

Introducing the new cordless barcode scanner for iPad, iPhone, or Android mobile devices, the WWS550i Freedom Cordless Barcode Scanner. Easily integrate this cordless barcode scanner with your iPhone, iPad, or Android mobile device and instantly gain access anywhere. Simply sync the barcode scanner with your mobile device and start working right out of the box.

Use the built-in, rechargeable battery to scan over 3,960 continuous scans on a single charge. The WWS550i cordless barcode scanner includes an out of range indicator and a low battery warning that automatically alerts you when your device is operating in less than optimal conditions.

Its cordless functionality eliminates cumbersome cables, creating a more efficient working environment in your small business. Whether you use the WWS550i as a cordless inventory scanner, as a retail wireless barcode scanner, or for any barcode scanning needs, the WWS550i cordless barcode scanner will improve the speed of your operations.

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