Wasp Introduces 3 New Printers With the WPL612, WPL406, and WPL304

Posted August 16, 2013


Wasp has announced the launch its new line of label printers with 3 new models. The WPL406 and WPL612 are designed for industrial barcode printing requirements, while the WPL304 is perfect for low-volume desktop

The barcode printers feature standard Ethernet connectivity, providing SMBs with high-quality label printing at advanced speeds. Competitively priced, Wasp hopes to deliver its customers the most efficient, cost-effective printers on the market.

“This line of printers better serve our customers and their needs, without an increase in prices,” says Wasp Barcode Technologies Marketing Director Brian Sutter. “From desktop to industrial use, our new line of barcode printers serves a wide variety of customers.”

The WPL612 is ideal for manufacturing, warehouse, and shipping and receiving industries. It contains a die-cast aluminum construction, including print head, for improved durability and the ability to withstand the toughest production environments. The WPL612 can produce 20,000 labels in one run, while still providing the fine print and graphic labels for the highest quality in printing. 203 DPI is standard, but 300 or 600 DPI print heads are available to fit all printing needs.

The WPL406 is an entry-level industrial printer featuring a low-profile design, all-metal exterior housing, and die-cast aluminum print mechanism able to withstand high volume print applications of up to 10,000 labels per day. Add its multiple connectivity options, including Ethernet, and the WPL406 is very easy to integrate into any printing environment.

Wasp’s WPL304 desktop printer offer offers four connection options: Ethernet, USB, serial and parallel. The WPL304 is compatible with Wasp and other major ribbon media offerings, making this printer one of the most flexible, versatile printers available. It is also the smallest 4-inch format printer Wasp has ever made.

“Our new line of printers is the direct result of demand of our customers, sales representatives and partners. Ethernet connectivity has become the standard across printers, and we wanted to provide our customers with the best features available,” said Daniel Dean, product marketing manager, Wasp Barcode Technologies.

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