Virtual Controllers – Controller-like Management without Paying for a Controller

Posted February 6, 2015

Aruba-VCThere is no doubt that the advent of the WLAN controller was one of the greatest advancements ever for wireless networks. But the next best thing is being able to have that functionality without paying for the hardware or licensing!

Wait. What? You can still have zero-touch deployment, central management, and analytics of a wireless network without any additional costs other than the APs? For small networks, YES!

Enter the Virtual Controller! Aruba Networks and Motorola/Symbol Technologies have made this possible for deployments of 25 or less access points. Simply assign one of your Aruba Instant or Symbol/Motorola WiNG5 Access Points as a Virtual Controller and it will automatically adopt new APs as you add them to your network. and configure them for you! While there are some advanced features missing compared to a full controller solution, the bulk of the features are still there to help manage and troubleshoot your network!

Some may ask “Why can’t I do this on networks larger than 25 APs?”. The simple fact is CPU limitations. All the number-crunching, statistic-compiling, RF math and magic that is happening in the background is a lot of work for a single AP to do, while still doing his normal job! Kinda reminds you of what some of your work days are like, right? Exhausting! But for SMB-size projects, the Virtual Controller option makes powerful and intelligent networks affordable for once!

So if you thought a network upgrade was out of reach, consult with a BarcodesInc representative to see how affordable it can actually be to get a refresh of that old gear!

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