Star Micronics HSP7000 Multifunction (Hybrid) Printer

Posted August 4, 2008

Star HSP7000The HSP7000 features the fastest speed in the industry for a multifunction printer – 250mm/sec!

Star Micronics is proud to announce a major extension of its product line up; the Star HSP7000 multifunction (hybrid) printer. The HSP7000 is designed to assist and empower users who want to extend the capabilities of their current system.

Star Micronics has developed the best value solution for markets that utilize the three (3) primary functions of a multistation printer:

  • Read the check’s MICR reliably
  • Endorse checks without jams
  • Print a receipt as fast as possible

The HSP7000 combines key features from Star’s celebrated range of products, including the speed and reliability of the market leading TSP700 Series, and the engine from the high speed SP700 dot matrix printer. Star is bringing over 30 years of “know-how” in POS to the HSP7000; resulting in customers receiving the features they need with the reliability they demand, minus the overhead of unnecessary features and cost.

As with all Star Micronics products, Star is committed to providing the best customer experience. When purchasing the HSP7000, you will receive all drivers needed for legacy and contemporary applications, including: OPOS, JavaPOS, Linus, XP™ SP2 and SP3, Mac™ OS X. In addition, the highly acclaimed Star development kit is also included, to help you quickly implement additional functionality. The HSP7000 also supports the ESC/POS emulation making this printer compatible with many existing popular industry applications.

The HSP7000 is available in Putty or Gray colors with USB, PoweredUSB, Serial, Parallel or Ethernet (100BASE-TX/10BASE-T) interfaces. The HSP7000 comes standard with a three (3) year limited warranty. For a greater piece of mind, Star also offers Extend-A-Star™ and Swap-A-Star™ warranty services. The Extend-A-Star program further extends Star’s standard service program with a bumper-to-bumper warranty and prompt printer repairs. The Swap-A-Star service program replaces a malfunctioning printer by the next business day.

The HSP7000 is a simple, easy to use multifunction printer with high reliability and high MICR reading accuracy. It was designed with the Functions You Need at the Price You Can Afford.

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