Long Range, Accurate RTLS with Zebra’s WhereNET Solutions

Posted April 27, 2016

wherlanTracking and managing valuable assets is major concern for many industries especially in manufacturing and warehouse environments. Whether you’re tracking a work-in-process or general inventory and assets, the greater accuracy and closer to real-time visibility you can achieve is directly connected to business success.

RFID-based systems provide an immediate and non-line of sight means to capture your inventory or asset collection. However, the most common passive RFID tags and readers have a limited range and still require a user to scan the tags or pass them through a fixed reader portal. This is where Zebra’s WhereNET active RFID solutions can provide the range that can be used over your entire facility, yielding maximum coverage.  With maximum coverage you will have real-time visibility into your entire business and operations, providing you with actionable data in order to make smarter decisions.

Pairing Zebra’s WhereLAN reader with their WhereTag active RFID tags you can streamline and automate your business operations to harness the visible value chain for business intelligence. With smart operations your business will be able to execute and plan in real-time, increase efficiency and create new opportunities.

WherLAN RFID Reader

  • Real-time sensing of WhereTags
  • ISO 24730-2 sensor capable of one meter Location Accuracy
  • Wireless Time Synchronization suitable for Heavy-Industrial Environments
  • Low power consumption, 802.3af Power-over-Ethernet compliant, with Wi-Fi backhaul connectivity
  • All-weather enclosure designed for indoor/outdoor operation

WhereTag RFID Tag

  • Single or Multimode Operation
  • Constant Asset Visibility
  • Enterprise Wide Asset Tracking
  • Configurable Power Output
  • Long Range and Battery Life
  • HERO Tested
  • IS certified version

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