Labeling Solutions for the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industries

Posted April 9, 2012

Industry Need

The Health Industry Business Communications Council and the American National Standards Institute have developed the ANSI/HIBC standards for packed and item level bar coding for the health care industry. Bar code technology is a proven valuable tool for reducing labor costs, human error and automating data to improve the quality of patient care. Standards for proper identification can be found at  Analytical diagnosis begins with specimen analysis in laboratories that submit samples to extreme conditions such as centrifugal separation, cryogenic freezing or autoclave sterilization.

Extreme applications have been at the core of Intermec’s business since the development of the bar code, with solutions ranging from pharmaceutical clean rooms designed for temporary ID to durable military code applications for transcontinental deployment.

Intermec Solutions

Intermec’s identification products address the industry’s challenging requirements such as resistance to extreme temperatures, sensitivity to particle generation in clean room environments, and label durability when exposed to harsh chemicals. Many common configurations are in stock for quick shipment, ensuring that options are readily available when new demands arise. Custom products can be tailored to more unusual needs. With a comprehensive product set ranging from durable film labels to economical paper options, the right products are available to optimize performance and price across the enterprise.

Intermec Media Products for Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industry

Cryogenic labeling (cryopreservation,vitrification, lyophilization)

Clean Room labeling

  • Duratran II clean room polyester are fully synthetic products cleaned during manufacturing to control particle generation in critical environments. Permanent and removable adhesives serve applications such as finished product ID and reusable work-in-process containers.

Solvent-exposed Vial and Slide labeling

Test Tube labeling

Autoclavable labeling (for tools/trays)

Asset Tracking

Shipping Labels

Ribbon Recommendation

TMX3000 series resin (Duratran II clean room labels,gloss polyester and polypropylene labels)
TMX2000 series mid-range (All other thermal transfer labels)

Printer Recommendation

PM4i Mid-Range Printer
PC23/PC43 Desktop Printer

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