Introducing a New Label Printer for Small Office and Home Office Environments

Posted May 26, 2021

Studies show that 99% of businesses in America are in fact small and growing operations, comprising well over half of the national workforce. To thrive in today’s highly competitive markets, small businesses can’t afford to waste time with slow and inadequate technologies, yet complex and bulky devices also have no place in the home office. That’s why Barcodes, Inc. is excited to introduce small and home offices to Zebra’s newest label printer – the ZSB Series.

Building on a legacy of intelligent technologies, the ZSB Label Printer harnesses the power of Zebra’s established enterprise-grade printers into one frustration-free wireless printer that empowers growing businesses right in their home office.  

2-minute setup is just the start of an extraordinary printing experience

Designed to uphold continuous productivity, Zebra’s ZSB is committed to support a variety of small business goals such as:

  • Speeding up repetitive tasks – Frequent printer jams cause delays and unnecessary frustrations. The ZSB printers eliminate jams and downtime with user-friendly media loading and wireless printing enabled through your mobile device.
  • Simplifying label creation – Providing an adaptable printing experience, the ZSB printer allows you to create and design custom labels while storing your templates in the cloud for easy access and sharing.
  • Integrating sustainable printing – The ZSB’s drop-in cartridges are completely recyclable, minimizing your carbon footprint even during your most high-demand seasons. High quality labels also help diminish paper waste, further cutting back your environmental impact.
  • Ensuring continual support even after your purchase – In our commitment to supporting growing businesses, Barcodes, Inc. ensures maximum ease-of-use from initial purchase to any maintenance needs in the future, whether it be label ordering or software updates.

Meet the printer that’s not like the rest. [Download Infographic Sheet] High-performing label printing fits neatly in the home office thanks to Zebra’s ZSB Printers. Contact us today to see how you can bring hassle-free printing into your growing business.

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