KoamTac’s New KDC20 Miniature Bluetooth Laser Barcode Scanner

Posted May 21, 2014

KDC20KoamTac has announced the release of its new KDC20 miniature laser barcode scanner at CONNECT 2014, KoamTac’s annual partner conference. The KDC20 is the company’s most cost-efficient, stand-alone Bluetooth scanner. Equipped with a convenient swing-out USB connector, the scanner conserves consumer resources by eliminating cables and enabling the use of off-the-shelf multi-USB charging solutions.

Highly configurable, the new device includes four buttons: scan, up and down (for controlling Bluetooth connections and remotely activating soft keyboards), and a delete key. Customizable features available include, a vibrating option and an optional backup battery for the real time clock. The scanner is certified by Apple for use with iOS devices, as well as, compatible with Android, Blackberry, Mac, and Windows devices

“With the KDC20, we have ushered in a new level of sophistication in industrial design. KoamTac products have long been appreciated for their ultra-miniature size, timeless classic shape, and iconic 4-line OLED display”, stated Dr. Hanjin Lee, President and CEO of KoamTac. But many applications today rely solely on the display of the smart device with which the KDC is paired. KoamTac has removed the display for the first time and has created a form that blends harmoniously with today’s beautiful smart devices from Apple and Samsung.

The KDC20 is compatible with any application designed for existing KDC models as it utilizes the company’s existing KTSync application and SDK for ease of integration. This particular model features a laser scanner for reading all popular linear barcodes. Measuring a scant 38mm wide by 60mm long and 12mm thin, the wireless scanner offers 9,000 scans per charge. For offline data capture, the KDC20 has ample memory capable of holding up to 10,000 barcodes.

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