Introducing the Flexible, Cost Effective RJS Inspector 5000 Barcode Verifier

Posted August 24, 2021

rjs inspector 5000 barcode verifier scanning paper codes

The RJS Inspector 5000 is the industry’s most flexible and cost effective ISO/ANSI method barcode verifier. Extremely easy to use, simply point and shoot the I5000 barcode verifier to analyze the essential verification parameters. Additionally, the RJS Inspector 5000 can decode ISO/ANSI and percent of decode information.

This unique, powerful dual mode barcode verifier supports popular linear symbologies. Access common data points such as store and print capability, multiple scan averaging, and sub-symbology choices through a seven-button user interface. Analysis information appears instantaneously on a large color LCD. In order to keep up with the latest standards, free firmware upgrades can be downloaded and installed for the lifetime of the RJS I5000.

Key Features

rjs inspector 5000 barcode verifier with scan gun and auto optic
  • Point and shoot decodability only verification method (Requires CR2 or CR3 scanner)
  • ISO 15416 and ANSI X3.182 verification method (Requires optional Auto Optic scanner)
  • Auto-Optic scan head allows menu selections for four aperture sizes and two light wavelengths
  • Detailed data content and bar code encode testing and results information
  • Auto-detects common symbologies
  • Bidirectional scanning
  • Large color LCD display
  • Viewable Scan Reflectance Profile with color coded modulation, decodability, and defects
  • Narrow bar width calculator
  • Integrated lithium ion battery

The patented Auto-Optic scanner is the industry’s most flexible ISO/ANSI method verifier. Key features include a patented Auto-Optic scan head that allows for eight optical arrangements settable via menu selection. This includes four aperture sizes and two wavelengths of light. Repeatability between units makes the Inspector 5000 an ideal choice for standardizing ISO/ANSI methods throughout your organization.

If needed, a detailed hard copy printout can be produced from the Inspector 5000 using an optional direct thermal printer. Inspection data can transferred to any Windows PC. Once transferred the inspection data can be saved or printed to any standard Window printer or exported to a spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel for analysis.

The RJS Inspector 5000 barcode verifier is the perfect choice for high-volume, busy industrial environments. Contact us today for more information about the I5000.

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