Introducing Datalogic’s Powerscan DPM Imagers – PD9530-DPM and PD8590-DPM

Posted June 12, 2013

2013-06-12_0956Datalogic has introduced a new family of handheld area imagers specifically designed for applications based on codes printed with Direct Part Marking (DPM) technology. This new PowerScan family is a blend of the Datalogic experience with optical systems, hardware architecture, mechanical design and decoding software. Two different models are available allowing the customers to choose the best price/performance combination for their specific needs.

The PD9530-DPM imager has a standard illumination system and bases its reading capability on the decoding software. This imager offers great performance on a wide set of bar code types, but does not cover all DPM situations.

The PD8590-DPM imager is a highly specialized scanner with a multi-axis illumination system specifically designed for reading DPM technology. The reading performance relies on the combination of the decoding software and the illumination system. This imager can read all types of bar codes printed with DPM technology regardless of the type of surface involved.

Aim. trigger. decode: it’s that simple!

Optical Options

PD9530-DPM: This imager presents the same illumination system already used by other PowerScan 9500 models and features a white illumination generated by the 2 LEDs. This is a fixed-focus device and the optical characteristics are set to optimize the performance on High Density codes. The ideal focus distance is 4.0 em I 1.5 in and the maximum resolution is 2.5 mil for 1D codes and 4 mil for 2D codes.

PD8590-DPM: This imager includes a very specialized illumination system which is able to highlight the code marked with any DPM technology on any type of surface. The different illumination modes (shown in the pictures below) can be customized to optimize the snappiness or automatically cycled by the scanner software. The focus point is at .63 em/0.25 in from the scanner and the typical reading range is between 0 to 5.1em/2.0 in.


Both of these imagers are equipped with an aimer constructed to make the use simple and intuitive, while allowing intuitive use and fast operations.

  • The PD9530 imager includes ‘4 dots plus a center cross’ laser aimer that clearly identifies both the area and the central position of the captured image.
  • The PD8590 imager is almost a contact reader, therefore the aiming system is simpler. It includes dual blue LED aimers that generate two rectangular bands. The ideal position for the code is in between the 2 blue bands.

Interface Set

The 2 models offer different sets of interfaces:

  • The PD9530 imager offers the typical multi-interface set: RS-232, USB and Keyboard Wedge.
  • The PD8590 imager offers a dual interface option including: RS-232 and USB. The product is sold with a USB cable included in the package. Cables for RS-232 interfaces can be ordered as accessories.

Both models allow USB-COM and USB-Keyboard.

For assistance choosing the right DPM scanner for your application, contact us at Barcodes Inc.

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