ICYMI: Eliminate Chargebacks with Barcode Verification Webinar

Posted July 15, 2021

Shipments with unreadable labels cannot be automatically scanned by an overhead barcode reader. These exceptions require manual intervention leading to a chargeback. A chargeback can be as much as 15%–20% of an invoice and gets automatically deducted from the supplier’s invoice.

In this webinar, Barcodes Group and Honeywell showed how integrated label verification technology provides customers with error-free printing, and cost savings of $15K per printer.

Key takeaways demonstrated during this webinar:

• How verification technology ensures bad barcodes do not get used, eliminating hidden chargeback fees
• How precision printing addresses the trend toward miniaturization, resulting in cost savings of $6K in scrap costs per printer
• Why the Honeywell PX940V is the only ANSI grading inline verifier and has automatic void/reprint

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