Honeywell Introduces Voyager 1202G Laser Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Posted November 3, 2011

Next generation linear scanner delivers on Honeywell’s commitment to wireless mobility and superior barcode scanning performance

Honeywell today announced the introduction of the Voyager 1202g single-line laser barcode scanner with Bluetooth® wireless technology, longer battery life and a field-replaceable battery. Designed specifically for end users that demand superior scan performance, the latest addition to the renowned Voyager barcode scanner line provides the ability to read virtually any 1D bar code, improving productivity and leaving minimal room for human error associated with manual data entry.

An updated and dependable replacement to the VoyagerBT 9535, the wireless Voyager 1202g is equipped with tool-free battery exchange and a long-lasting battery that delivers up to 45,000 scans per charge. The Voyager 1202g offers superior scanning of even the most damaged or hard to read 1D bar codes and also provides users with the safety of a cable-free environment, reducing the risk of job-related injury. For a superior out-of-box experience, the Voyager 1202g offers support for all popular interfaces in a single scanner, replacing the time consuming process of scanning programming bar codes with automatic interface detection and configuration.

“1202g, the newest addition to the Voyager legacy of innovation, has once again exceeded our expectations and outperforms competitors’ units on various data points, including the reading of poor quality bar codes and ease of set up and use,” said Taylor Smith, director of product management, Honeywell Scanning & Mobility. “We are confident that the Voyager 1202g’s dependability and ease of use will propel the productivity and success of our scanning customers.”

Using Remote MasterMind™ for Scanning software, customers can manage, update and configure all Voyager 1202g scanners deployed within a network from a single centralized location, streamlining the device management process while lowering the total cost of ownership.

“The Voyager1202g’s integration of Bluetooth® wireless technology speaks directly to the key pain points our customers have experienced with restrictive cables,” added Smith. “With the introduction of the Voyager 1202g, Honeywell’s family of linear scanners has now been completely refreshed, allowing us to provide a full array of solutions to meet the needs of our scanning customers.”

The Voyager 1202g will begin shipping in December in all countries except Israel, Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina, where scanners will begin shipping in the first quarter of 2012.

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