High Quality Label Supplies From Zebra

Posted March 28, 2017

lbelsLabels are a crucial element in any application barcodes are used that can easily be overlooked.  Thermal printing isn’t rocket science but having the right high quality label for your specific needs can be the key to success and profitability.

Not all thermal labels are created equal. Zebra has been a label printing leader for decades now. Using their supplies means you have access to a large selection of quality, pre-tested, supplies manufactured by a thermal industry expert, reducing your risks.

Zebra has intimate knowledge of thermal printers and understands the importance of using quality materials and processes. With one of the largest selections of thoroughly tested label materials to choose from you cab rest assured with any Zebra label you may need.

Direct Thermal Paper Labels  Direct thermal labels have a heat-sensitive layer on them that blackens as it passes under the printer’s printhead. Direct thermal paper labels do not use a ribbon and are the most cost effective solution for applications that require a temporary label like shipping labels or short term product labeling.

Thermal Transfer Paper Labels – Thermal transfer labels use a ribbon to print on top of a variety of materials which are impervious to heat and moisture making the printed labels more durable and long-lasting. Paper labels are perfect for long term labeling of retail products, documents, and assets that don’t experience rugged use.

Thermal Transfer Polypropylene Labels – Polypropylene labels are similar to standard paper labels but are more physically rugged since they are made of plastic. Ideal for asset labeling, polypropylene labels are rugged but still have some temperature limitations so they may not be suitable for outdoor use depending where you are located.

Thermal Transfer Polyester Labels – Polyester labels are extremely rugged and can handle outdoor use in the most extreme applications. The ruggedness does come at a cost though but for the most demanding environments a polyester label will hold up to anything you put it through.

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