Epson TM-S2000 ultifunction payment device: check scanner, credit card reader and 2-sided ID scanner in one

Posted November 17, 2011

TM-S2000 Offers Multiple Features, Industry-Leading Functionality in One Compact Footprint

Epson introduced its new TM-S2000 multifunction payments device. Epson’s new, feature-packed TM-S2000 offers industry-leading functionality, such as the fastest check scanning speed in its class, the highest MICR accuracy available and best-in-class image quality. Additional features include an optional 3-track magnetic stripe reader, a two-sided ID scanner, up to 15 lines of endorsement printing and an industry-leading two-year warranty. Epson’s TM-S2000 delivers maximum functionality in an impressively small footprint and is ideally suited for high-volume RDC applications where speed, accuracy and maximum throughput are essential to workflow efficiency.

Epson’s TM-S2000 incorporates OCR-A and OCR-B font recognition, which is typically used on computer-generated invoices. When the customer’s payment coupon is scanned, account information can be retrieved automatically, facilitating fast retrieval of customer account information.

Human factors were critical to the TM-S2000 product design, resulting in an exceptionally compact footprint with recessed connectors, fewer covers and moving parts and self-diagnostics to minimize maintenance time and improve ease of operation.

Epson’s TM-S2000 offers the following features in one small footprint:

  • Fastest check processing speed in its class, up to 200 DPM
  • Highest MICR accuracy in its class with enlarged MICR head to accurately read skewed checks
  • 2-sided color scanning of IDs and payment coupons
  • 15 lines of endorsement printing
  • Optional 3-track magnetic stripe reader
  • Industry-leading two-year limited warranty

Epson’s TM-S2000 multifunction payments device will be available Q1 2012.

“The TM-S2000 delivers top of the line quality,” commented Mike Helm, Director of Sales and Marketing, Epson Business Systems Division. “It’s designed for businesses who need a robust RDC solution and also want to perform other customer service transactions without investing in additional hardware.” Utilities, municipalities, check cashing stores and other businesses who accept walk-in check payments can reduce transaction time and speed customer service with the TM-S2000’s combination of check capture and payment processing features.

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