Ensure Patient Safety with Datalogic’s GD4400-HC and GM4400-HC

Posted July 14, 2014

Datalogic brings a new and innovative scanner to take a step in improving sanitation hospital wide. With their new Gryphon GD4400-HC and GM4400-HC anti-microbial barcode scanners, the spread of disease, like the devastating MRSA, which claimed 5,500 lives, becomes more preventable.

The Gryphon GD4400-HC 2D and the Gryphon GM4400-HC 2D readers can scan nearly all 1D and 2D barcodes and can even read barcodes off of troublesome LCD monitors, smartphones, and other mobile devices. In addition, they have improved motion tolerance from their previous models, which increases accuracy and gives them the ability to capture images like signatures, IDs, or prescriptions. Both Gryphon readers got rid of the “flicker effect” known to be found in many competing scanners, which encourages all-day usage. The scanners also include a visible 4-Dot aimer feature which clearly indicates the reading area.

The Gryphon scanner’s features are what differentiate them from competitors. Datalogic’s Motionix motion-sensing technology detects the user’s actions and automatically switches the scanner into handheld or hands-free mode, encouraging time efficiency. The Gryphon scanners also include disinfectant-ready enclosures treated with anti-microbial additives, promoting sanitation. Datalogic also brings back their patented ‘Green Spot’ feature for good-read feedback. The GD4400 and the GM4400 come in different colors and version. However, unlike the GD4400, the GM4400 is wireless.

The Gryphon GD4400-HC 2D has a few notable physical features. The reader weighs in at about 6.9 ounces, or less than half a pound, for both models without the cable. It also supports a few interfaces, like USB Com Std., USB Keyboard, and USB. It uses LEDs as a light source and has a tilt tolerance up to 180 degrees, as well as a pitch and skew tolerance of 40 degrees. The Gryphon GM4400-HC 2D shares some of these characteristics, with the exception that it supports additional interfaces, like IBM 46xx (and various IBM terminals) and uses a Li-lon battery pack that can last long enough for up to 60,000 scans.

The Gryphon GD4400 and GM4400 readers have the option to switch through several scanning modes to match your needs. For single reads, the single and pulse option is available. For something more consistent, the trigger-hold option will do continuous scans, as long as the trigger is held down. For a more hands off solution, the always on option is available. There are also other options, like flashing (scanner is constantly turning on and off), and object detection (scanner only activates when it detects on object).

You can get the Gryphon readers on their own, or premade kits featuring other accessories, like docks and cables. If you only require some accessories or the scanner alone, Datalogic offers the accessories and scanners available for purchase separate and not in a kit.

For assistance finding the right Datalogic scanner for your needs, contact us at Barcodes Inc.

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