Datalogic’s PowerScan PM9500-DK Imager With 16-Keys

Posted September 18, 2014

pm9500-dkThe PowerScan 9500 family of imagers represents the 2D handheld area imagers with rugged mechanics for industrial applications. Recently launched, the corded PD9500, the mobile PBT9500 with Bluetooth wireless technology and the PM9500 with STAR 2.0 Cordless System have already demonstrated their value in the field. With the introduction of the PM9500-DK with a full 16-key keyboard, the family is now complete offering an unequalled variety of models to satisfy the most demanding of customers with a model perfectly suited for their application requirements.

The PM9500-DK is equipped with a mobile telephone-like keyboard with direct access to numbers, while the alphanumeric characters are managed through a shift key. In addition, the 4 function keys are also configurable with single or multiple characters to increase the product versatility and to make repetitive actions easier and faster.

The PM9500-DK model significantly increases the interaction with the host system and opens new potential uses:

  • The ability to enter manually unreadable bar codes
  • To insert data not encoded into a bar code (example: quantity)
  • To easily manage interactive sessions with the application running on the remote host

The PowerScan PM9500-DK imager can be used in the same applications where the PowerScan PM9500 is successfully used. In addition, the PM9500-DK imager provides new opportunities for applications that normally require a client-host configuration typical of portable data terminal. Simple code-quantity applications such as inventory, picking, etc. can be conveniently utilized.

  • Manufacturing/ Warehouse: Shipping and Receiving, order processing, parcel preparation, pallet tracking are easily managed by using the full keyboard in any warehouse
  • Retail / POS Checkout: Checkout throughput is further improved by the code/quantity capability
  • Transportation and Logistics/Warehouse: In-and-out parcel sorting are all typical activities in all Logistic Centers
  • Transportation and Logistics/Postal: Staff can key-in the digits of any bar code which cannot be scanned (example: once the consignments are wrapped in plastic film)
  • Transportation and Logistics/Airports: As a back up plan to automated luggage sorting systems, the display and full keyboard contribute by avoiding any Interference with existing Wi-Fi systems to keep tight schedules on time.
  • Services / Events:The PM9500-DK imager can be used throughout events for fast ticket verification: Ease of use, Two-waycommunication, Display and full keyboard, Robustness, High Reading Performance on mobile phones are all features that make this imager the perfect solution for fast and efficient management of people and tasks.

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