Datalogic GFS4400 Provides Industrial 2D Performance in a Small Package

Posted July 26, 2012


Datalogic’s new compact 2D scanner may not be very big but it packs a mighty punch with very aggressive scanning, perfect for automated applications.

Powerful and compact, the new Gryphon GFS4400 scan module has all the first class features of the Gryphon premium 2D bar code readers in a small package, providing the ideal solution for hands-free reading and use in semi-automatic equipment.

Designed with system integration in mind, its optimum motion tolerance allows fast processing in automated applications and its great depth of field makes reading easy and intuitive. Plus, the Gryphon GFS4400 scan module’s small size and outstanding near-field reading are ideal for incorporation in the confined spaces required by semi-automatic equipment.

The Gryphon GFS4400 scan module guarantees high performance reading at every scan. Practically any type of bar code, from high resolution linear and stacked to 2D, are read easily by this scan module, even on displays. Thanks to its aimer and Datalogic’s Green Spot technology, bar code scanning becomes intuitive and good read feedback is assured.

For more details and availability for the GFS4400 feel free to contact us.

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