Country of Origin Labeling Solution

Posted March 26, 2012

Application Description

In 2008, the USDA Country of Origin requirements expanded in scope. By March 31, 2009, food manufacturers and distributors need to clearly identify national origin for many products and provide corresponding recordkeeping documents with each shipment. Mishaps in this process can cost time, money, and even valued customers. Users can now streamline, error-proof, and cost reduce this process with Intermec’s Country of Origin Labeling solution.

The Challenge

Meeting the Country of Origin requirement commonly requires multiple steps: A thermal printer images the national origin information on a shipping label, meeting the identification portion of the standard. A separate printer, typically dot matrix or laser, creates the packing slip to meet recordkeeping requirements; this slip is usually folded multiple times and inserted into a packing slip sleeve. Finally, this sleeve is manually matched to the corresponding carton (introducing potential for error) and adhered for shipment.

Intermec Solution

The Intermec Country of Origin Labeling solution enables users to print shipping label and recordkeeping documentation through a single printer. The shipping label and packing slip are printed as a single integrated unit, reducing processing steps, eliminating mismatch errors, and reducing the cost of system setup and maintenance. These two complementary components (printer and media) accomplish mandated compliance simply and efficiently.

Compare the steps involved using the Integrated Shipping Label vs. the typical multi-component process:

Common 8 Step Process

  1. Print label in a first printer
  2. Peel label
  3. Apply label
  4. Print packing slip in another printer
  5. Fold packing slip
  6. Insert packing slip into sleeve
  7. Peel sleeve
  8. Apply sleeve.

Integrated Shipping Label

  1. Print label and packing slip
  2. Peel label and packing slip
  3. Fold packing slip under label
  4. Apply to carton

The Integrated Shipping Label simplifies the process, increases efficiency and also eliminates costly packing slip sleeves, reducing ongoing costs. And all of these functions are accomplished using industry-proven Duratran and Duratherm label materials.

To provide even greater supply chain integration, the packing slip can be printed on-demand with a high capacity two dimensional bar code, enabling the recipient to create a permanent electronic record of the transaction with a simple scan.

The Intermec Country of Origin Labeling solution enables rapid USDA compliance with a streamlined, cost effective, error-proofed product set.

Material Description

Duratran or Duratherm paper labels

Ribbon Recommendation

TMX1000 series wax
TMX2000 series mid-range

Printer Recommendation
PD41, PM4i

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