CognitiveTPG Sets Reliability Benchmark for POS Receipt Printers with the A798

Posted August 1, 2013

CognitiveTPG sets new reliability benchmark for its POS Receipt printers, A798 and A799, increasing specifications on printhead life, knife cuts, and print lines.  More importantly, CognitiveTPG is offering exceptional pricing on the A798 printer that will agree with any price sensitive budget.

With the only self-sharpening ceramic knife in the industry, both the A798 and A799 now boast the highest knife life available at 3 million cuts, 72 million printlines, and 242 km printhead life, taking them well beyond the A798’s new 3-year warranty and the A799’s 4-year warranty.

“Small businesses are growing at rapid rates and account for a significant portion of overall retail sales – nearly 40%, according to the Small Business Administration (  These businesses have requirements similar to their national chain counterparts when it comes to POS printing. They need a printer that is fast, easy to use, won’t break down, and is affordable.   The CognitiveTPG A798 is the perfect receipt printer for the small and medium sized businesses because it delivers in the most reliable fashion,” said Nigel Ball, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for CognitiveTPG.

In addition, the printers show off their reliability prowess with their steel frame design and built-in liquid dam and drainage features to protect the printer from accidental spills typically found in retail and hospitality environments.  For added protection, the printers can be fitted with CognitiveTPG’s new Spill Guard.

“The A798 is truly a better printer, now available at a better price,” said Kevin O’Donnell, Sales Director for CognitiveTPG.  “Not all customers require the niche features found in our A799 model – features such as two-color printing, ReceiptWare marketing software, and ultra-fast print speeds.  Most customers find the A798’s ability to print a standard 6-inch receipt in 1 second to be more than sufficient for their printing needs.”

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