Code Releases New CR3600 DPM Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Posted April 3, 2014

Code has announced the availability of the Code Reader 3600 Direct Part Mark (CR3600 DPM). This new addition to Code’s product line provides an option for the CR3600 to read DPM barcodes.

Designed for applications that require process controls, component tracking, work-in-process (WIP) and assembly line monitoring, the CR3600 DPM handles barcode reading needs in Aerospace, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, DOD, and Semiconductor industries.

With an IP54 rating, the CR3600 DPM is rugged and durable for the most demanding of environments. Available in portable wireless palm and handled configurations, the CR3600 DPM reliably transmits barcoded data to a host device via a secure Bluetooth connection. With the capability of direct data input from its keypad the CR3600 DPM provides instant visibility of stored data on its brightly colored screen, making the CR3600 DPM the ideal mobile barcode reading solution for deployment where integration and versatility are required.

“The CR3600 DPM provides an exciting evolution to our product line,” says John Deal, Director of Product Development at Code. “This device demonstrates our dedication to developing advanced barcode reading technology and solutions to meet the industry-specific needs of our customers.”

Another asset of the CR3600 DPM is its ability to take on more than one workflow operation at a time. A variety of JavaScript applications can be created and loaded onto the reader and can be accessed with the simple touch of a button. With a single scan of a barcode, users can also direct the same data set to multiple applications. These features streamline workflow processes and ultimately lower costs by reducing the need to rely on numerous scanning devices.

Additional features include, but are not limited to:durable, quick-release rechargeable battery cartridges; battery status LED indicators with a fuel gauge; real-time clock; and compatibility with Bluetooth supported Android, iOS, and Windows mobile devices and tablets.

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