Clearly Identify Your Essential Employees with New ID Cards

Posted April 13, 2020

To stop the spread of COVID-19, businesses are moving to a remote work from home model. When that’s not possible and your employees need to be at work because you offer an essential critical service, you may be required to identify those employees as essential and authorized to work.

Essential Employee ID Cards are Durable Enough for Everyday Use

Why Choose an Essential Employee ID Card?

A letter identifying the employee as essential and allowed to work may meet the requirements, but a piece of paper is easy to lose, tear, or smudge with dirt or water. Durable PVC Essential Employee ID cards are made for daily use.

Essential employee ID badge backers (in vertical or horizontal) are easily paired with your existing employee ID – the larger sized badges hang below a standard CR80 size card so the bright red “ESSENTIAL EMPLOYEE” text is clearly visible. This is a good option for employees who already have an ID badge to display.

If you don’t already have an employee ID badge to pair the new card with, these vertical or horizontal Essential Employee cards have eye-catching red text naming the employee essential and necessary for work.

How to Customize Your Essential Employee ID Cards

After your order has been placed, a Customer Satisfaction rep will contact you to get your business information. Customizable text fields for these cards:

  • Company Name
  • Company Phone Number
  • Company Address (Line 1 & 2)

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