ThingMagic’s Nano Low Cost, Small Form Factor UHF RFID Module

Posted March 23, 2015

nanoThingMagic has introduced the latest embedded UHF RFID module in its ThingMagic Mercury6e series—the ThingMagic Nano. The new module joins the M6e, Micro and Micro-LTE in offering customers the widest range of options for adding UHF RFID into a product or solution. The Mercury6e series now offers reader modules in several configurations, allowing customers to develop a variety of applications ranging from high performance to small form factor, depending on their specific needs. In addition, customers who have already developed a solution using a module in the M6e series can take advantage of ThingMagic’s universal API when developing a new reader with the ThingMagic Nano.

ThingMagic Nano is the smallest form factor module available to customers in the M6e series. With its very low power consumption, the module offers a wide RF output range that is important for the read/write requirements for battery-operated RFID-enabled printers, tag commissioning stations, product authentication and access control readers. The module’s low cost makes it a viable option for customers seeking to develop a reader that is cost efficient yet reliable. ThingMagic’s extensive development experience in chip design and depth of RFID knowledge delivers valuable, real-world features and give customers an advanced set of tools to develop innovative RFID-based solutions.

“One advantage of using the M6e series of modules in an RFID solution is that the API works across all of the modules and our finished readers,” said David Emma, vice president of sales, marketing and engineering of ThingMagic. “This means that a customer can design different types of readers for different uses within the same RFID solution. Because the API is universal, once the customer writes the software it is extensible throughout all the modules. Customers can build a handheld device, a fixed reader or other RFID device using different modules to suit their needs without having to re-write the software for each individual reader.”

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