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InOrbit Warehouse Automation (IOWA)

InOrbit Warehouse Automation (IOWA) is a secure, cloud-based, vendor-agnostic robot operations solution that empowers companies to deploy, manage, and remotely operate smart robots at global scale. IOWA is a comprehensive and flexible solution designed to meet the needs of growing third-party logistics, ecommerce distribution centers and supply chain warehouses deploying robots to improve operations.

A critical orchestration component for comprehensive end-to-end automation, IOWA seamlessly integrates with existing programs and other services.

  • Flexible Infrastructure: Robot Agnostic Connectivity, Adaptive Diagnostics, Mission Support, API Access
  • Integration: Integrates with WMS, WES, MES, ERPs and other systems such as fixed infrastructure like cameras and doors
  • End-to-End Security: Secure Messaging Infrastructure, Role-Based Access Control, Custom Roles, Single Sign-On
  • Real Time Analytics: Fleet Management, Extensive Configuration, No-code Dashboards, Widget Library, Embeds
  • Navigation: Intuitive UI, Advanced Teleoperation, Multiple Maps Support, Multiple Robot Support
  • Incident Management: Advanced Incidents, Remote Actions, Integrations, Robot Lock
  • Continuous Improvement: Configuration as Code, Audit Log, Time Capsule, Data Backfill

Meet the challenges of a modern supply chain through a single pane of glass.

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More Product Details

RobOps at Scale

InOrbit helps companies that are deploying robots by providing software infrastructure for RobOps at scale addressing the four O’s: Observability, Operation, Orchestration, and Optimization. Managing growing fleets of robots is increasingly complex. InOrbit removes barriers to getting all of the critical data needed from robots in one place – while making them easier to deploy regardless of the vendor.

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InOrbit Supports Interoperability

InOrbit integrates with the broadest set of robots, whether they connect via the native InOrbit Agent, the Robot SDK, via some of the most popular commercial fleet management software, via Open-RNF, or through emerging interoperability standards like VDA 5050, and MassRobotics AMR Interoperability Standard. Compatible with ROS 1, ROS 2 and most Fleet Management Software through the Edge SDK.