Box Content with RFID

Tunnel and pallet RFID solutions for identifying, tracking, and counting the full contents of boxes, containers, and packages.

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The Challenge

Poor Tracking Costs a Fortune in Pick, Pack, and Fulfilment

Warehouses, distribution centers, and 3PLs are expected to grow their businesses as they run operations faster, cheaper, with 100% transparency. All while achieving 99% accuracy. These demands lead to shipping incorrect products, missing items, high rates of human error, billions in chargeback/replenishment costs. Paired with rising labor costs, your entire fulfilment chain turns into an expensive mess, directly felt by the customer.

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The Solution

RFID for Box Content

Connect real-time about items flowing via dock doors to shipping and receiving systems. Identify cargo as they pass through dock doors without direct line of sight. And more:

  • Quick Confirmation
    Minimize costly errors and mis-shipments at the root with box content verification, pallet build verification, and properly tagged outbound and inbound shipments.
  • Spot Exceptions Right Away
    Many sellers have gone from about 50% shipping accuracy to over 99% once implementing RFID, partially because they can now address exceptions immediately, before the package leaves a distribution center.
  • Accurate Tracking for High-Value Items and Equipment
    Achieve traceability of all box content anywhere in the supply chain. Accurate tracking is ideal for expensive boxed items, because incorrect shipments can add up quick, as well as grey market issues of resellers selling costly items through illegal channels.
  • Automation Offsets Labor Costs
    Eliminate manual, error-prone data collection with cutting-edge RFID solutions, such as tunnel RFID and mobile RFID pallets.

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T-Series RFID Tunnel

The Products

T-Series™ from SLS

T-Series™ RFID tunnel systems for container tracking are now available for installation. The T-Series™ is custom built to fit your existing operation. Minimum box spacing is 18”, with a 42” x 35” x 64” standard outer housing. Whether you have an existing conveyor or plans to add one in the future, the T-Series™ RFID tunnel is completely plug and play.

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