Access Control

End to end access control system installations and configurations (project management, field installation, onsite and remote support, training, and ongoing support).

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Project Management

Access Control Replacement from Start to Finish

Securing facilities is a challenging task at any building size. You have an organization to run. Leave the access control system to us. Your dedicated project manager will oversee your new system is installed to your exact needs from beginning to end.

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Onsite Access Control for New and Existing Properties

We’ll work with our local installers to organize your installation to your specific requirements, whether it’s a single local location or numerous sites throughout the country. On-site, professional technicians add wiring, locks, and ensure connectivity is stable.

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Professional Training and Onboarding for Access Control

We educate and coach your team to ensure access system success. Ongoing maintenance improves settings, adds doors, and teaches new employees and users. Enhanced onboarding provides additional instruction, user database upload, and device configuration. Remote or on-site provisioning, pre-configuration, and training are included depending on your preferences.

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Ongoing Support

Expert Assistance After Project Completion

Our industry leading team can diagnose and troubleshoot access control issues when they occurs. With the increased risks involved in security, our professionals respond with urgency and clear instructions. Our remote support team has you covered.

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Access Control, Your Way

Integrates with leading access control brands as well as legacy wired systems. Traditional codes, fobs, cards, and mobile credentials are all supported:

rugged mobile devicesWireless and Wired Secure ID Solutions

smartphonesIntuitive, Future-Proof Remote Control

simple access softwarePowerful Security Monitoring and Analytics

access control custom installationCustomized Access Control Times and Alerts

Access Control FAQs

Can I unlock and/or lock doors from the SimpleAccess portal?

Yes, a system administrator can lock and open devices that are linked through the SimpleAccess portal or app from afar or on-site with the Admin app. You can also set a door to automatically lock or open at a certain time.

Will I be alerted of access activity at my facilities?

Yes. Access activity is documented with time, day, and user. Customized access event notifications may be delivered through email or SMS.

How is employee access managed?

In the admin site or app, you can set up entry plans for employees or add them to groups that already have schedules set up. You may provide different levels of access to different employee profiles, group common doors together, or give access to all doors. Our wireless smart locks also give guests temporary or one-time codes.

How does access control reporting work?

Access events are tracked by time, date, door, and user in the portal. Export all access events and data easily to a spreadsheet.

Is a dedicated local computer required for the access control portal?

No, this web-based software can be accessed via an internet browser or a mobile app from any laptop, PC, or mobile device.

Will I need IT assistance for future software updates?

Not likely. SimpleAccess software upgrades happen automatically. You are constantly working on the most recent version, your program is never out of date, and no expert IT assistance is necessary. If you have any questions after going live, SimpleAccess' customer success specialists are here to assist.

What is cloud-based access control?

The fundamental component of a cloud-based smart access control system is the use of web-based tools to manage your access control system. This provides several advantages to a business, including cheaper upfront expenses, remote control, the use of mobile devices and applications, a modern, easy-to-use interface, and software that is constantly up to date.