Cycle Counting with RFID

Accurate, real-time inventory visibility (without manual counting).

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The Challenge

Manual Inventory Cycle Counts: Slow, Error-Prone, and Expensive

Accurate inventory data is critical to maintaining an organization’s efficiency and optimization. However, many businesses are still counting products by hand or scanning individual barcodes. The data is already out of date by the time the cycle count is finished. And that’s not even considering how many thousands of hours of labor required in both the warehouse and in the storefront.

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RFID Tunnel Series

The Solution

RAIN RFID for Cycle Counting

RAIN RFID is a wireless technology that scans thousands of items quickly without direct line-of-sight. With RFID tags on each asset, product, box, container, and pallet, you can quickly scan a full row of shelves in minutes. The unique identifiers held in each RFID tag are then synced directly to your inventory management system.

  • Speed
    Fast, agile restocking is possible with real-time RFID data and cycle counts that take minutes rather than days.
  • Efficiency
    Give workers what they need, when and where they need it. If an item has an RFID tag, it can be located without redundant, manual processes.
  • Lower Costs
    Identify, locate, and remove excess inventory. Save hours of labor, mis-pick, and replenishment costs.

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T-Series RFID Tunnel

The Products

T-Series™ from SLS

T-Series™ RFID tunnel systems are now available for installation. The T-Series™ is custom built to fit your existing operation. Minimum box spacing is 18”, with a 42” x 35” x 64” standard outer housing. We can manufacture the exact tunnel scanner your organization needs to thrive and improve cycle counting once and for all.

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