Line Busting with Mobile Point of Sale

Simplified ordering, shorter wait times, and improved customer retention.

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The Challenge

Long Wait Times and Frustrating Shopping Experiences Lose Customers

Nothing demotivates a customer more than long checkout lines and wait periods, whether in the drive-through or your store. Line busting point of sale technology simplifies ordering, decreases wait times, and improves customer retention.

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The Solution

Line Busting POS Technology Helps Delight and Retain Customers

Line busting, when implemented correctly, can boost customer happiness, expedite processes, and give businesses an edge in fast-paced retail, restaurant, and hospitality situations.

  • Faster Ordering, Shorter Wait Times
    Line busting POS technology speeds up ordering. Businesses can use mobile devices connected to a centralized POS system to replace a limited number of traditional cash registers. Sales employees may handle orders and process payments without waiting for registers. In the drive-through, an order taker collects orders from consumers in line using tablets or mobile computers. This makes purchases quick and seamless, without idle waiting time.
  • Flexible Payment Options
    Line-busting POS technology supports contactless payments, mobile wallets, and digital currencies. Customers may pick their preferred payment method, speeding up transactions. Some line busting systems can securely store consumer payment information, speeding up checkout and making payments easy.
  • Improved Customer Engagement and Loyalty
    Sales associates can assist with checkout anywhere on the store floor, without being confined to the checkout station. This makes a convenient, personalized, and enjoyable shopping experience. Add-ons, product recommendations, and store credit card sign-ups are much easier when a shopper isn’t feeling rushed.

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Line Busting at a Quick Serve Restaurant

See every touchpoint Barcodes, Inc. can improve in a popular fast food chain to reduce wait times dramatically.

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