Shipment Verification

Save billions in shipping mistakes and missing inventory, even with a shrinking workforce.

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The Challenge

Increasing Expectations in the Supply Chain

Warehouses, distribution centers, and 3PLs are expected to grow their businesses as they run operations faster, cheaper, with 100% transparency. All while achieving 99% accuracy. These demands lead to shipping mistakes, mis-picks, and billions in chargeback/replenishment costs. Paired with a lack of skilled workers, you have a recipe for serious problems in the supply chain.

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The Solution

RAIN RFID for Shipment Verification

RAIN RFID is a wireless technology that reads thousands of objects quickly without the need for direct line-of-sight, functions without the need for batteries, and offers unique identifiers for each individual item. Each shipment as it moves through distribution is tracked, allowing for smart inventory and agile supply management.​ Connect real-time data about items flowing via dock doors to shipping and receiving systems. Identify cargo as they pass through dock doors without direct line of sight. And more:

  • Accuracy
    Minimize costly errors and mis-shipments at the root with content verification, pallet build verification, and properly tagged outbound and inbound shipments.
  • Efficiency
    Reduce workflow issues and streamline tracking and management tasks with RFID tags and verifiers. Greater efficiency for skilled workers has the potential to improve labor costs, which make up roughly 65% of operating budgets.
  • Visibility
    Achieve traceability of all containers, assets, and items anywhere in the supply chain. RFID tags allow transparency everywhere in the supply chain, for your business and customers alike.
  • Automation
    Eliminate manual, error-prone data collection with cutting-edge RFID solutions, such as fixed dock door scanners, tunnel RFID, and mobile RFID pallets.

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SLS D Series Dock Door RFID

The Products

D-Series™ from SLS

D-Series™ door dock readers are now available for installation in a variety of models, ranging from the SLS D-800 or D-500 to the lightweight D-200 and D-100 models. We can help you choose the best door dock solution for your needs.

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