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Replenishment is an often overlooked workflow for the warehousing sections of distribution and fulfillment centers and manufacturing facilities, but it is one that can benefit most from automation. Without the right materials in the right place for case and each pickers, orders in DCs and FCs take longer to fulfill and manufacturing lines may need to be shut down. Regardless of which method of replenishment you use – demand-based, routine, or top-off – ensuring your revenue-generating activities (like picking) continue without interruption is key to remaining profitable in this new, highly e-commerce driven, supply chain model. Other than WMS, WES, or ERP systems, what other simple automation strategies can you use to improve your replenishment processes?

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How to Optimize Restocking Processes with AMRs

Maintaining stock in forward picking is critical to meeting the demands of fulfillment and distribution. With Fetch Robotics’ AMR solution, material from receiving or reserve storage can be automatically transported to the correct locations to maximize productivity for put away and replenishment workflows.

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