Robotics for 3PL

Optimize Third Party Logistics Efficiency with AMRs

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The Challenge

Increase 3PL Efficiency and Speed with Limited Transportation Resources

Chronic labor shortages and an unpredictable supply chain are a major hurdle for third party logistics providers. Faced with increasing demand and competition, 3PL leaders must innovate in response to today’s complex transportation challenges.

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The Solution

Implement 3PL Autonomous Mobile Robotics Solutions

To make the most of a limited workforce, transportation and logistics providers are adopting AMRs to drive scalable, achievable innovation while eliminating reduncies.

  • Fulfillment Piece Picking
    Automate 3PL order fulfillment with an assisted picking robotics solution.
  • Putaway
    Transport products from the receiving dock to storage location – all with AMRs.
  • Replenishment
    Transfer inventory from storage to picking and shipment locations seamlessly.
  • Case Picking
    For fulfilling orders without opening cartons, AMRs can pick full cases or carton quantities from a variety of storage mediums.
  • Recycling
    Reduce inventory waste, unused materials, recyclables, and trash from anywhere in a distribution center – no workers necessary.

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