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Locus Origin AMR

Locus Origin

Triple Productivity in Fulfillment Centers with a Locus AMR

Locus Origin is an intelligent autonomous mobile robot (AMR) built for collaborative, high-volume order fulfillment. Locus Origin’s patented multi-bot technique increases fulfillment efficiency by more than twofold by reducing unnecessary walking time and ensuring order correctness. Workers can be more productive since Locus Origin conducts the traveling, allowing for quicker cycle times, greater ergonomics, worker safety, and overall workplace quality.

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Locus Origin AMR

  • Easily configured for multi-level shelving
  • Support a variety of container materials, shapes, and sizes
  • Dynamic pick and putaway task interleaving for simultaneous workflow completion on the fly
  • Efficient, flexible, and innovative LiDAR and vision technology allows for collaboration alongside existing workforce
  • Simple onboard user interface, available in multiple languages

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Locus Origin Robotics UI

Product Features
  • 22″ diameter x 57.8″ height
  • Up to 36 kg. or 80 lbs. payload capacity
  • 8 safety sensors and cameras
  • 14 hours per battery charge
  • 50 minutes to full charge

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