Tread Again Tires Masters Efficiency With The Aid Of Barcode Readers

Established since 1953, Tread Again Tires is based on the fundamental belief of superior service backed by top quality products, at competitive prices.

Tread Again Tires is Canada’s largest retreader of truck tires, using nothing but the best brand of tires and superior trained technicians , with the ultimate goal of winning customer trust. Over the years, they have developed an extensive network of 50 associate dealers. Their aim now is to develop a software and choose a mobile device which will contribute in the success of running their business.

They have been evaluating with hand held scanners manufactured by Intermec and Psion Technologies; they asked Barcodes EDGE to evaluate their products choices and propose their solutions. Barcodes EDGE then presented a family of Symbol units to them and conducted a study at the same time to better understand Tread Again Tires’s company operation. A series of Symbol MC9000 is what Tread Again Tires believed best suited their business.

  • Deliver Superior Data Capture & Exchange
  • Offers Flexibility To Meet Specific Application Requirements
  • Variable Range Allows Users To Scan Barcodes Up To 40 feet (12.2m) Away
  • Durable & Capable Of On-going Operation in Harsh Conditions
  • Multiple Connectivity Options Allows Users To Capture Real Time At The Exact Location, & Stores Data For Batch Processing When Offsite Cutting The Cost Of WWAN
  • Ergonomic Forward-Scanning Pistol Grip Enables Users To Scan Over Long Periods With Less Fatigue

Tread Again Tires chose the MC9060 for various reasons, some stated above. This mobile device features a pocket PC 2003 operating system which gives their workers audio capabilities, allowing the use of voice communications.

They also wanted to create a warehouse management system that would allow them to control their inventory and pick orders. The MC9060 is compatible with the management software from Wavelink called Avalanche and also MSP from Symbol.

Choosing the right software can be very confounding. The Avalanche and MSP are both reputable but they do have their differences. For instance, Avalanche is proven software for centralized management mobile devices. It performs rapid, hands-off updates of wireless devices located anywhere in the warehouse. It increases the security of wireless networks by enabling quick easy updates such as WEP and EAP. When using this software in conjunction with Wavelink Mobile Manager, capabilities such as automatic WEP key rotation and AP detection will protect your network from any unauthorized equipment and malicious intrusions.

Avalanche automatically downloads new information directly to each device via the wireless LAN. This initial process requires a cradle to operate and if a mobile device fails, Avalanche will minimize downtime by quickly configuring and deploying a replacement right at the mobile site. Another advantage of this software is that it can be downloaded from any PC, making it inexpensive and it can be easily integrated with other hand held devices.

The MSP on the other hand is more expensive; it supports all symbol wireless infrastructure and mobile devices as well as Windows CE and pocket pc-based mobile devices. This software can deploy thousands of devices in minutes, a lot faster than the Avalanche could. This reduces the time and cost associated with the initial and ongoing device deployment.

MSP delivers the power to remotely and automatically manage applications and operating systems on the company’s devices. This service provides a single point of control for the entire wireless LAN infrastructure, whether in one location or more. It has instant notification of network issues which allows timely resolution before the performance is impacted. If your decision is going to be based on what is nominal for your company, Avalanche is definitely the software to buy. But if you are looking for more profound software, then the MSP would be the best choice.

This company is expanding to build more distribution center and stores. Until then we are here to further assist them by guiding them in the right direction to SUCCESS.

The name Tread Again Tires is used to protect the interests of the real manufacturer.

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