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The Great Google

Like most successful web sites, we get a lot of our traffic from the Google search engine. Turns out that large businesses are starting to realize what the smaller, web-dependent businesses have known for years - Google is the king of search, and can mean life or death to your business. Today, the New York Times has an article entitles "Just Googling It is Striking Fear Into Companies"

Google's recent moves have stirred concern in industries from book publishing to telecommunications. Businesses already feeling the Google effect include advertising, software and the news media. Apart from retailing, Google's disruptive presence may soon be felt in real estate and auto sales.

Google, the reigning giant of Web search, could extend its economic reach in the next few years as more people get high-speed Internet service and cellphones become full-fledged search tools, according to analysts. And ever-smarter software, they say, will cull and organize larger and larger digital storehouses of news, images, real estate listings and traffic reports, delivering results that are more like the advice of a trusted human expert.


The power of Google is a fact of life. From where we sit, its starting to appear that they have a lock on the web search market, and you have to admire their ability to index the contents of the web and consistently serve up relevant searches for just about any term a for which a user might want information. Their recent decision to digitize books shows the idealism they have for making the itnernet the premier information source of society. Lets just hope that their idealism continues to make our life more convenient, and that Google doesn't become target for anti-trust litigation.