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What are Thermal Barcodes?

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What type of barcode are you scanning?

A Thermal Barcode is Burned onto the Paper

Barcodes include a wealth of information about a product. Moreover, these symbols allow for easy recording, which makes keeping track of inventory and pulling price up easy. Before a barcode can be read it needs to be scanned using a barcode scanner. Of course, prior to scanning, barcodes require printing and placement on merchandise. Because of the variety of barcodes, specific printers are necessary for accurate images. For example, if using a thermal barcode for labeling, users must also have access to a printer capable of producing thermal barcodes.

What are Thermal Barcodes?

The majority of barcodes are printed using laser printers. Unlike most printers, thermal barcode printers produce barcodes through the use of heat. Ribbons contain heat. Once heat is applied, the image from the barcode melts or prints onto the paper.

Thermal barcodes and printers are used by a number of manufacturers and private companies. Although barcodes are often associated with grocery store products, this means of maintaining a database or record is widely used. Once a thermal barcode is created and imprinted onto merchandise, by means of a simple scan, all information regarding the item is easily readable. If scanning items for sale, the barcode will reveal information such as price of the item, and any promotional discounts. Aside from identifying the sale price of items, barcodes are also necessary for coupons. Because most coupons are non-reusable, cashiers must scan each coupon for the cash register to recognize the discount. If the coupon barcode has been previously used, the discount will not register.

Before printing a thermal barcode, users should check their printer’s ability. In addition to being able to reproduce quality barcodes with a printer, users will also need compatible barcode label software programs and a thermal ribbon. Once all the necessary equipment is available, you can begin producing and printing your own thermal barcodes, and establish your own merchandise tracking system.