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History of Symbol Barcode Scanners

Symbol Technologies is one of the leaders in barcode technology. Owning Symbol barcode scanners is like owning a Cadillac. You know you have the best product on the market. Symbol Technologies have been around for a while and they will continue to provide business solutions for years to come.

Symbol technologies was founded in 1975 and it wasn’t long before they were up and making symbol barcode scanners. The first barcode verifiers were shipped just three years later in 1978. In 1980 they began to produce their first handheld laser Symbol barcode scanners.

Symbol technologies have continued to prove their leadership in the field through various accomplishments. Last year they were named Microsoft’s partner of the year for the Original Manufacturer Equipment category. They also introduced a number of new models of Symbol barcode scanners last year as well.

The customer service that comes with Symbol barcode scanners is extensive. Not only do you get comprehensive manuals and support via their website, but you can also attend webinars and a glossary of terms. This company is not only interested in selling you their Symbol barcode scanners, but they are also interested in teaching you how to use one for your needs.

Symbol barcode scanners are not the only item that Symbol Technologies is investing in. They are also investing in the community. They do so by providing support to the surrounding community through funding and volunteer work. So, each time you are purchasing one of their Symbol barcode scanners it is like you are giving to the community.

Symbol barcode scanners are sure to be the best choice for any needs. They have a wide variety of uses and the latest technology. They are sure to be in business for a while and will be able to service your needs on a continual basis.