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QR Code: A Matrix Barcode

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What are QR Codes?

A QR code is also known as a quick response code. It is a matrix barcode which is two-dimensional. It can be read by QR barcode readers, as well as any camera phones. A QR code can be recognized by having a square form made up by black modules over a white background. URL, text, coordinates, contact information, as well as other types of information can be read from the encoded data. It is commonly used in Japan, as it was created by Denso-Wave, a Toyota subsidiary.

QR codes are used in a wide array of applications. These break down as commercial tracking applications as well as convenience-based applications that target cell phone users. They can be used to show text to a user, to compose either a text or an e-mail message, to a URI, or to add a vCard contact to a device. People may also create and print their own QR code for other people to scan.

A QR code is superior to traditional barcode because it allows a lot more in the way of storage capacity. For instance, the numeric code for a QR code is able to display more than 7000 characters. QR codes have been used in an innovative number of ways. For instance, they have been used as artwork (artists use them in their paintings), in literature (giving rise to a new genre called device literature), in marketing (guerilla marketing campaigns and billboards), and in entertainment (to, among other things, promote the new albums of singers).

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