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Personal Portable Data Assistant

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Why use Personal Portable Data Assistants?

Barcodes include a multitude of information or data about a certain product. They are often associated with identifying prices on certain merchandise. However, these bars, lines, and numbers provide additional information which is only recognized by computers. Manufacturers use barcodes for various reasons. Initially, barcodes were designed as a means for speeding the checkout process at retail stores. However, barcodes are also practical for researching a particular product or learning about promotional tools.

The first recorded barcode transaction took place during the sale of a pack of chewing gum in the 1970’s. Since then, barcodes have become widely used as a way to assist with checkouts in many stores. Of course, before a barcode can be recognized, it must be scanned. Devices called barcode scanners are used to scan barcodes. These might include barcode wands and other portable devices such as PDA Barcode Scanners.

What are PDA Scanners?

PDA’s (personal data assistants) are personal organizers, which may function as a day planner, cellular phone, and so forth. However, these small devices also serve another purpose. PDA Barcode Scanners are perfect for people who are required to collect data and perform inventory. Due to modern technology, the number of electrical devices required by workers has decreased. Laptops, cellular phones, and personal organizers are combined into a single device that is compact and convenient. Furthermore, barcode scanners have now become a bonus addition on select PDA models.

Before a person can utilize a PDA Barcode Scanner, the PDA must be equipped with the capabilities to scan barcodes. In addition, software must be installed on the portable data assistant. Once an item is scanned, the PDA Barcode Scanner will capture bars, lines, and spaces. Next, data is decoded and converted into readable information. Furthermore, PDA Barcode Scanners can be easily plugged into a computer port, and the data transmitted to a computer.