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Nothing Related, but cool as heck!

From the minute I saw this, I thought it was pretty neat, and worth a try. After a couple of months of convincing my sweetheart, it was waiting under the tree:


Originally, I was skeptical that such a little machine could do the job. But, talk about great engineering! It'll cook an egg, time the toast / muffin to be done when the egg is done, and it also heats your pre-cooked meat. It'll also make hard and soft boiled eggs in the shell.

With a big family, and a growing teen boy, I can tell you we've really put this machine through its paces so far. The only complaint I have is that it only heats the meat, it won't cook a sausage patty for we've been limited so far to making egg with ham muffins. But other than that, its becoming indispensible in the household.

So much so that egg muffins aren't for breakfast anymore. You can check it out here: at

Happy Breakfast!