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Firewalls and Network Security

The Basics

What is a Firewall? Describing what a firewall is and how the firewall works to block out the viruses. Explains the basic firewall rules.

Network Security, Filters, and Firewalls An overview on network security issues and solutions on how to solve them on the internet.

Introduction to Network Security Introduction to network security and basic user information.

Basic Firewall Concepts: the ABCs of Using Firewalls for Network Security Basic firewall concepts. Understanding how to know if you need a firewall and what is available.

Internet Firewall Explains internet firewall security threats such as a virus. Explains the many threats to the hard drive that cannot be protected by firewalls.


The Check Point User Group Eight general interests books on firewall protection. Explains administration, configuring, and troubleshooting.

FreeBookCentre Download free network security ebooks. Learn the insides of network security and how to build the firewalls.

Information Security Books This book teaches the worst thing an attacker can do to you. It teaches you how to defend yourself from an attacker.

Wallander:Sidetracked, Firewall, One Step Behind Read about ways to catch a hacker and restrict their access. Covers all internet and private hosting. Includes a CD on how to build your own firewall.

Linux Firewalls: Attack Detection and Response Learn how to run Linux Firewalls securely. Understanding how to discover probes and denial of attacks.

Magazines & Periodicals

Engineer Live with the Norton Internet Security and firewall protection

Security Managment Security's Web Connection magazine. Up to date articles on web security today.

Security Focus Security Focus News is a weekly magazine that take notes of events on the internet. Sign up to get email newsletters.

Information Secuity Tips Information Security Tips on what a firewall with explanation of protection, type pf firewall used, and how to turn the firewall on.

PCMAG.COM Everything on firewall reviews, network security and products.

Reviews and Articles

Firewall and Network Security Article on understanding the impact of computers and how network security works.

Open Directory Project Directory of firewall security reviews.

PCI Applications on firewalls.

Computer Security Review Reviews on the best security programs for home users and small businesses with answers a nd tips.

Third-party Personal Firewalls Software firewall reviews. Reviews of built in routers that are easily enabled.

Security Training

Educational Center Online Online computer security training. Earn a certificate online for computer security.

Computer Security Division National Institute of Standards and Technology resource for Computer Security Division. Special publications in the 800 series with interest into the community of computer security.

The Center for Computer Secuirty and Information Assurance An excellent program for computer security offering CISSP and NSA IAM training for computer security professionals. These are added certificates.

Information Technolgy Services at NY University Security training on incidents of security, training on scanning of software, education and news on updates. Learn product research and development.

CAL POLY Information Security A list of what everyone should know about security training and materials. Includes presentations, posters, videos, quizzes, and other sources.