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Preh KeyTec MC147 Keyboard

Preh KeyTec MC147 - Preh MC 147 Keyboard - USB - 147 Keys
  • Membrane key switches are great for divisions like industrial controls and telecommunications systems. They offer a low profile, engaging typing and a longer lifespan.
  • USB connectivity for a easy connection with your Computer
  • Touchpad offers stable left-right clicks, scrolling, dragging, zooming and much more
  • Quickly and easily connect with the computer
  • Plug and Play your keyboard with the PC and go
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Full specifications (PDF)

MC147 Series Keyboard by Preh
Preh KeyTec MC147 Overview

The Preh MC 147 is a space saving, high quality keyboard, which provides 147 programmable key positions in an alphanumeric layout.

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Full specifications (PDF)

Keyswitch Technology:
Keyboard/Keypad Connectivity Technology:
Number of Keys:
Pointing Device
Pointing Device Type:
Keyboard/Keypad Host Interface:
Physical Characteristics
Keyboard/Keypad Height:
Keyboard/Keypad Width:
Keyboard/Keypad Depth:
System Requirements:

Operating System(s):

  • Microsoft DOS
  • Microsoft Windows
  • UNIX
  • IBM OS/2
Device Supported:
Platform Supported:
  • PC
  • Unix
Item Numbers
UNSPSC: 43211706
Recommended Accessories for Model: Preh KeyTec MC147 Series Keyboard


  • Decoder Wedges (1)
  • Card Readers (1)
  • Accessories (25)
Recommended Accessories for Model: Preh KeyTec MC147 Series Keyboard

Decoder Wedges

Preh KeyTec (90405-047/0000)
Barcode Decoder Module (Wand and Laser Emulation)

Card Readers

Preh KeyTec (90401-006/0000)
Tracks 1 and 2 Magnetic Stripe Reader WX Expansion Module


Preh KeyTec (81598-154/0000)
5 Pin DIN, XT/AT Cable
Ships in 3-5 Days
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Preh 128WX (81598-155/0000)
6 Pin Mini DIN, PS/2 Cable
Preh KeyTec (75214-113/0800)
Keypad replacement for MC128
Ships in 3-5 Days
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Preh KeyTec (VIZ524C00)
Flat Seal for 128 WX
Clear Keyboard Protective Seal for PCPOS
Preh KeyTec (128WXSEAL)
Universal Seal for M128WX
Preh KeyTec (MC128SEAL)
Preh Keyboard Cover - For Keyboard
Preh KeyTec (81598-173/0000)
Universal Cable, WX RS-232 Cable (without Power supply, with 2.5 MM Power cord)
Preh KeyTec (81598-178/0001)
RS-232 Cable for 128WX KB
Preh KeyTec (84WXM)
Cable Right Angle Glide-Point Y-cable
Preh KeyTec (CABLEPS/2)
Preh PS/2 Keyboard wedge Cable - mini-DIN Male - mini-DIN (PS/2) Female - 6 ft.
Preh KeyTec (MC147SEAL)
PrehKeyTec MC 147 POS Keyboard - 147 Keys - 5-Position Keylock - 29 Relegendable Keys - Magnetic Stripe Reader, Smart Card Reader - PS/2
Preh KeyTec (76506-113)
Keyboard Cover for 84WX
Preh PS/2 Keyboard wedge Cable - mini-DIN - mini-DIN (PS/2) - Black
Preh KeyTec (CABLEAT)
Preh AT/XT Cable - DIN - 6 ft. - Light Gray
Preh KeyTec (05198-699/0000)
Adapter (PS/2/USB - Blue)
Preh KeyTec (12411-516/0001)
Daisy Chain Cable (with PS/2 Interface)
Preh KeyTec (12671-2X1/0000)
Paper Key Cap Inserts, white, 2 x 1, Min.Buy - 1000 sheets.
Preh KeyTec (13100-035/0000)
Circular Connector Power supply for Touch Screen
Preh KeyTec (75214-112/0800)
Replacement Keypad (White) for the MC128
Preh KeyTec (75214-148/0000)
Keypad (MTF84 with FlexTail and Filter)
Preh KeyTec (76599-000/0000)
Cleaning Card (for MSR)
Preh KeyTec MC128 (MC128ALPHASEAL)
PrehKeyTec MC 128 WX Alpha POS Keyboard - 128 Keys - Magnetic Stripe Reader - PS/2
Preh KeyTec Cable (MDCABLEB)
PrehKeyTec Data Cable - 6 ft. Data Transfer Cable for Keyboard, POS Device - Mini-DIN (PS/2) Keyboard - Black

The Preh KeyTec MC147 is also known as Preh KeyTec USA PRE-MC147 .