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Preh KeyTec Keyboard Accessories

Keyboard Accessories
Preh KeyTec (81598-154/0000)
5 Pin DIN, XT/AT Cable
Ships in 3-5 Days
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Preh KeyTec (75214-113/0800)
Keypad replacement for MC128
Ships in 3-5 Days
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Preh KeyTec (VIZ524C00)
Flat Seal for 128 WX
Clear Keyboard Protective Seal for PCPOS
Preh KeyTec Cable (MDCABLEB)
Pin Mini Din Cable (6 feet, PS/2, Black) for PC POS Keyboards
Preh KeyTec (MC147SEAL)
Universal Seal for MC147
Preh KeyTec (MC128SEAL)
Seal for MC128
Preh KeyTec MC128 (MC128ALPHASEAL)
Alpha Universal Seal for the MC128
Cable, PS/2, 6Pin Mini Din Cable for Preh Keyboards, black
Preh KeyTec (CABLEPS/2)
Cable for PCPOS Keyboards, 6 feet, Pin Mini Din PS/2
Preh KeyTec (CABLEAT)
DIN AT Interface Cable for POS Keyboards
Preh KeyTec (90405-047/0000)
Barcode Decoder Module (Wand and Laser Emulation)
Preh KeyTec (90401-006/0000)
Tracks 1 and 2 Magnetic Stripe Reader WX Expansion Module
Preh KeyTec (84WXM)
Cable Right Angle Glide-Point Y-cable
Preh KeyTec PrehKeyTec Universal Cable (81598-227/0000)
USB 7 ft. Interface Cable

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