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Preh KeyTec Keyboard

Preh KeyTec is a leading supplier of specialty data input devices for use in commercial and industrial systems. From the retail floor to the factory floor, Preh KeyTec's keyboards and touchscreens combine style, durability and flexibility to provide innovative input solutions for the most demanding applications.

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Preh KeyTec HospiTouch Alphanumeric Keyboard

Preh KeyTec HospiTouch Alphanumeric

HospiTouch Alphanumeric is an alphanumeric keyboard from Preh-KeyTec with a glass surface for use in medical applications. Special capacitive sensors execute the relevant key codes when the surface is touched. For optimum use, this keyboard is also...


Preh KeyTec MCI 96 Series Keyboard

Preh KeyTec MCI 96 Series

Available in both Row & Column and an Alpha layout, the Preh-KeyTec MCI 96 Series optimizes a small footprint by only including the integrated options needed. This efficient design, and the completely programmable layout give you everything you need...

Preh KeyTec MC128 Series Keyboard

Preh KeyTec MC128 Series

The MC128 Series provides 128 key positions which can be configured and programmed to meet changing needs. It is also available with a pre-programmed alphanumeric layout which includes 53 programmable and reconfigurable positions. The alphanumeric...


Preh KeyTec Keycaps

Keycaps for Preh keyboards: letters, numbers and other replacement keys.

Preh KeyTec Parts

Products and parts from Preh-KeyTec.

$16.50 to $750.00

Preh KeyTec PKT 4000 Barcode Scanner

Preh KeyTec PKT 4000

The PKT 4000 is the new multi-purpose data capture device in the Retail, Airline, and Banking Vertical. It has 4 different data capture technology into a small desktop scanner.

Preh KeyTec MCI 128 Cashdesk Keyboards

Preh KeyTec MCI 128 Cashdesk Keyboards

Compact and reliable, Preh KeyTec's MCI 128 keyboards are cashdesk keyboards for point of sale. Requiring little space, the MCI 128 is user-friendly and excels by ergonomic handling and modular flexibility. Designed with 128 free-programmable key...


Preh KeyTec InduTouch Alphanumeric - Discontinued.

Preh KeyTec MCI 30 - Discontinued.

Preh KeyTec MCI 60 - Discontinued.

Preh KeyTec MCI 84 - Discontinued.

Preh KeyTec MCI 111 - Discontinued.

Preh KeyTec MCI 3000 - Discontinued.

Preh KeyTec MCI 3100 - Discontinued.

Preh KeyTec MC80 Series - Discontinued.

Preh KeyTec MC84 Series - Discontinued.

Preh KeyTec MC 128 - Discontinued.

Preh KeyTec MC147 Series - Discontinued.

Preh KeyTec MC 128 WX - Discontinued.

Preh KeyTec ML2 - Discontinued.

Preh KeyTec MSI 60 - Discontinued.

Preh KeyTec SIK 2500 Alphanumeric - Discontinued.

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