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Datalogic QS2500 Scanner
Datalogic QS2500 Scanner

Datalogic QS2500 Scanner

Datalogic QuickScan I QD2100 A newer version of this item is available.
It is replaced by the Datalogic QuickScan I QD2100.

Reads Reduced Space Symbology (RSS) and PDF417 codes!

The QuickScan QS2500 Linear Imager Handheld scanner is ideal for retail, office, and light-industrial applications. The QS2500's 200 scans-per-second linear imager scan engine provides snappy reading performance and a mid-range depth-of- field (up to 8.0" / 20.3 cm). The QS2500 also reads poorly printed barcode labels quickly and easily. The QS2500 is capable of reading a wide range of barcode symbologies, including Reduced Space Symbology (RSS) and PDF417, allowing you flexibility in reading now and in the future. It also features flash memory for easy software upgrades, along with programming and label editing. Its enclosure is lightweight and ergonomic, and has an available hands-free tabletop stand. All units ship with one user's guide. The QuickScan QS2500 now includes a five year warranty!

The Datalogic QS2500 is also known as the Data Logic QS2500

QS2500 Options
Datalogic QS2500 (QS25-3209-01)
USB kit with 12 ft. cable, POT, software CD and hands-free stand. Color: Black.
Datalogic QS2500 (QS25-3200-01)
USB kit with cable. Color: Black.
Datalogic QS2500 (QS25-3200-00)
QuickScan QS2500 Linear Imager (Scanner Only - USB) - Color: Black
Datalogic QS2500 (QS25-3120-00)
QuickScan QS2500 Linear Imager (USB, Boeing and No Accessory)
Datalogic QS2500 (QS25-2309-01R)
Linear Imager, Keyboard wedge, Stand, 12 foot, 5/6 Din, AT/PS/2 and POT. Color: Black.
Datalogic QS2500 (QS25-2309-01)
Keyboard wedge, Stand, 11 ft. 5-pin Din cable, Color: Black
Datalogic QS2500 (QS25-2100-01)
Keyboard wedge kit. Includes PS/2 Y-cable. Color: white.
Datalogic QS2500 (QS25-2100-00R)
QuickScan QS2500 Linear Imager
Datalogic QS2500 (QS25-130A-05)
RS-232 Kit 9F Cable Power supply Stand Black
Datalogic QS2500 (QS25-1200-00R)
QuickScan QS2500 Linear Imager (RS-232 Interface, Multi Volt and No Accessories)
Datalogic QS2500 (QS25-1106-05)
RS-232, Power supply, Cable (8042380)
Datalogic QS2500 (QS25-1101-05)
RS-232 kit. Includes RS-232 cable & power supply. Color: white.
Datalogic QS2500 (QS25-5209-01R)
USB, BLK, 12 ft. USB plus power cable, POT, CD, hands-free stand.
Datalogic QS2500 (QS25-5200-00R)
USB (Power Plus), BLK, single interface, no stand, cable or power supply.
Datalogic QS2500 (QS25-5100R)
USB, Single Interface.

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Recommended Accessories
Datalogic (8-0734-08)
USB cable, 12 ft.
In Stock: Ships Same Day
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Datalogic (8-0738-01)
Cable assembly, 12 ft, Keyboard wedge, 5/6-pin Din, IBM, AT / PS/2, POT, E/P
Ships in 3-5 Days
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Datalogic (8-0734-12)
USB interface cable, 12 ft, POT, for the QS2500
Ships in 3-5 Days
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Datalogic (4004-0826)
Power supply AC/DC, 120V US
Ships in 3-5 Days
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Datalogic (11-0179)
Hands-free stand, Gray, for the QS6500
Ships in 3-5 Days
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