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Handheld, Industrial, Android, Windows, Rugged, & More

Our handheld computers, or mobile computers, are the perfect multi-use tool for your advanced data capture and mobility needs. With options for batch and real-time wireless (Wi-Fi and Cellular) data capture, we have handheld computers for every application and environment. We also equip our mobile computers with Windows Embedded, Windows Mobile, Windows CE, or Android operating systems to ensure seamless software integration with your back-end systems. Our handheld computers come in a variety of form factors such as gun-grip, wearable and even some as small as your smartphone, while still maintaining a higher level of ruggedness and barcode scanning capability. Call one of our experts for assistance on a portable barcode scanner and software solution.

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AirTrack MB-1 (MB1-0001-00)
Mobile Handheld ComputerAirTrack MB-1
Batch Barcode Scanner, Standard Range Linear CCD Scanner, Pre-loaded AT Suite Data Collection Software, 3200 MAH Battery, 24-Key Alpha-Numeric Keypad Includes USB Cable for communication And charging.
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AML Striker (M7702-1100)
Mobile Handheld ComputerAML Striker
Mobile Computer, AML Striker, 802.11a/b/gnac, Laser, Alphanumeric, Handle
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Honeywell Dolphin CK65 (CK65-L0N-B8C214F)
Mobile Handheld ComputerHoneywell Dolphin CK65
CK65,4GB/32GB Memory, Alphanumeric, 6803 Gen8, Camera, SCP, GMS, Standard Environment, Enhanced Durability, FCC
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Zebra TC52-HC (TC520K-1HEZU4P-NA)
Mobile Handheld ComputerZebra TC52-HC
TC52, Health care, WLAN, 5.0", GMS, 4GB/32GB, 2D, SE4710, Lithium-ion Battery, PTT, VoIP Ready, NFC, USA, Canada, Puerto Rico.
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Zebra TC77 (TC77HL-5ME24BG-NA)
Mobile Handheld ComputerZebra TC77
Mobile Computer, Zebra EVM, TC77, WWAN & WLAN, SE4750 Scan Engine, 2D Imager, 5 MP Front Camera, 13 MP Rear Camera, Android, 4 GB RAM/32 GB Flash, 4,620 mAh Battery, 2 Sim, 1 Micro SD, GMS, North America (US, Canada, PR).
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Motorola WT41N0 (WT41N0-T2H27ER)
Mobile Handheld ComputerMotorola WT41N0
Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n), Touch Screen, Alphanumeric 23 keys, 2-Color Keypad, 512MB/2GB, Windows CE 7.0, Extended Battery. Interface cables and charging cradle sold separately. Quad Charging Cradle kit (Part# CRD4001-411EES) Requires AC line cord (Part# 23844-00-00R).
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Unitech HT630 (HT630-9000BADG)
Mobile Handheld ComputerUnitech HT630
Mobile Computer, Unitech HT630, Batch, 1D Laser Scanner, DOS, 2.5MB RAM, 27-Key AlphaNumeric Keypad Includes Battery, USB Cable and Power Adapter.
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Intermec CK3X (CK3XAA4K000W4100)
Mobile Handheld ComputerIntermec CK3X
Mobile computer, Honeywell CK3X, Windows Embedded 6.5, 2D imager, Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n), 256MB RAM/1GB Flash, Alphanumeric keypad, Bluetooth. Includes battery. Spare Battery (Part# 318-033-021), single dock (Part# 871-228-201), quad charging dock (Part# 871-230-101), power supply (Part# 851-810-002) and AC power cord (Part# 1-974028-025) sold separately.
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AML LDX10 (LDX10-0003-00)
Mobile Handheld ComputerAML LDX10
Batch, Mobile Computer, AML LDX10, CCD Scanner, Pre-loaded AML DC Suite Data Collection Software, 3200 MAH Battery, 24-key Alpha-Numeric Keypad, Includes USB cable and Wall Charger, Charging cradle sold separately.
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Zebra (TC75EK-22B24AB-US)
Mobile Handheld Computer
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Honeywell Dolphin CT60 (CT60-L1N-ASC210F)
Mobile Handheld ComputerHoneywell Dolphin CT60
Mobile Computer, Honeywell Dolphin CT60, Android 7.1.1, WWAN, 802.11 A/B/G/N/AC/R/K/MC, Bluetooth 5.0, 2D Imager (N6603), 3GB/32GB Memory, 13MP Camera, Near Field Commmunication, Battery 4,040 MAH, FCC, Supports US Carriers: AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint; Interface Cables And Charging Cradle Sold Separately, Homebase Dock (Part# CT50-HB-1) Requires USB Cable Type B to Type A (Part# 321-576-004), USB Snap-On Charging Cup (Part# CT50-USB).
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Motorola Omnii XT15 (OB13110030091102)
Mobile Handheld ComputerMotorola Omnii XT15
Standard With Extreme Duty Display, 512 MB SDRAM / 1 GB Flash ROM, CE 60, English, 36 key Numeric Alpha Modified, 2D Imager SE4600 Long Range, 5000 mAh, PistolGrip. Interface Cables And Charging Cradle Sold Separately.
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Zebra MC9300 Mobile Computer (MC930B-GSEEG4NA)
Mobile Handheld ComputerZebra MC9300 Mobile Computer
Gun, 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth, 2D Long Range Imager SE4850, Android 8.1 Oreo, 4.3" display, 53 Key VT, 7000MAH Battery, Android GMS, 4GB RAM/32GB FLASH, North America (US, CA, PR)
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Zebra TC57 (TC57HO-1PEZU4P-NA)
Mobile Handheld ComputerZebra TC57
Prem WWAN, NFC, 5.0" 4GB RAM, 32GB Flash, 2D SE4710, 5 megapixel Front Facing Camera, 13 megapixel Rear Facing Camera, 3.5 mm Audio Jack, 4150 mAh Battery, PTT, VoIP Ready, GMS, NA Only, Us, Canada, & Puerto Rico
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SpectraLink Versity 95 (KBK9540100)
Mobile Handheld ComputerSpectraLink Versity 95
Versity Wi-Fi Smartphone Bundle Includes: Wi-Fi Smartphone (PBK9540100), Lithium-ion battery (BLI0000100), USB Smartphone charger.
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