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Unitech Mobile Handheld Computer

Unitech EA602 Mobile Handheld Computer

Unitech EA602

The Unitech EA602 Entry Level Handheld (Android) combines data collection and computing in a powerful mobile enterprise computer. With features, such as simple connectivity and scanning capabilities, the EA602 provides better performance than...


Unitech HT1 Mobile Handheld Computer

Unitech HT1

The Unitech HT1 Entry Level Handheld (Android) is built with Android 4.4, bringing a powerful data collection solution while still being a pocket-sized mobile computer. The HT1 will guarantee no slowdowns in work productivity, making it very...


Unitech PA520 Mobile Handheld Computer

Unitech PA520

The Unitech PA520 Rugged Enterprise PDA (Windows) is compact, tough, and brings a 1D/2D scanner, NFC, and Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 OS to the table. The PA520 is built to enhance the workspace for anyone in sales automation and field service....

$875.50 to $969.10

Unitech PA692A Mobile Handheld Computer

Unitech PA692A

The Unitech PA692A Rugged Handheld Computer (Android) is the handheld computer that you need if you want to see significant improvements in performance. The PA692A works best in warehousing, logistics, field service, and government applications...


Unitech PA700V Mobile Handheld Computer

Unitech PA700V

The Unitech PA700V Mobile Handheld Computer is a combination of the 4G smartphone and a handheld computer, powerful and rugged for any mobile worker. With Verizion certification and being stylish and intuitive, the PA700V can withstand 4-foot drops...


Unitech PA730 Mobile Handheld Computer

Unitech PA730

The Unitech PA730 Rugged Handheld Computer (Android) is the tough computer that you need for all the hard work. Built on the Android operating system, the PA730 is powerful and all-around when it comes to data collection. Powerfully compact, the...

$1,101.60 to $1,144.80

Unitech PA760 Mobile Handheld Computer

Unitech PA760

The Unitech PA760 Rugged Handheld Computer (Android) is made for everyday use while being powerful enough to handle the heaviest of workloads. With Android 9/10 with GMS, an all-day battery, and fingerprint security, the PA760 allows for full...

$959.70 to $1,287.10

Unitech EA500+ Mobile Handheld Computer

Unitech EA500+

The Unitech EA500+ Entry Level Handheld (Android) is best suited for retail, hospitality, and field service sectors. With a very affordable price, the EA500+ is built tough, able to survive any drop up to 5 feet. The EA500+ comes with quick and easy...

Unitech EA630 Mobile Handheld Computer

Unitech EA630

The Unitech EA630 Rugged Handheld Computer helps businesses better prioritize work processes with its powerful data collection and versatility. The EA630 offers an 80% screen to body ratio that has been designed for portability. With safety in mind,...

$843.90 to $989.00

Unitech HT380 Mobile Handheld Computer

Unitech HT380

The Unitech HT380 Rugged Handheld Computer is the best solution of retail, manufacturing, and inventory management. The HT380 is ergonomic and one-handed operation ensures ease of use for any and all workers. With the built-in 2D scanner, the HT380...


Unitech EA320 Mobile Handheld Computer

Unitech EA320

The Unitech EA320 Rugged Handheld Computer (Android) is an industrial PDA that does much more than just scan barcodes. With Android 9 built in and GMS certified, the EA320 is built for input-intensive uses. The EA320 opens a host of new ways to work...


Unitech WD200 Mobile Handheld Computer

Unitech WD200

The Unitech WD200 Wearable Mobile Computer (Android) allows its user to work efficiently and comfortably at the same time. With the Qualcomm 660 platform, the WD200 optimizes your workload and data collection methods. The WD200 also comes with a...

$643.70 to $689.70

Unitech HT730 Mobile Handheld Computer

Unitech HT730

The Unitech HT730 Rugged Handheld Terminal (Android) is both ergonomic and powerful, providing one-handed operation and a backlit keypad. The HT730 comes with Android 10 and is GMS certified, providing a powerful warehouse data collection solution....

$868.60 to $1,015.20

Unitech EA630HC Mobile Handheld Computer

Unitech EA630HC

The Unitech EA630HC Medical Clinical Assistant (Android) comes with Android 9 or 10 and is GMS and AER certified, powerful enough to handle the toughest of data collection tasks. Designed with health care in mind, the EA630HC complies with the...


Unitech HT730 LR Rugged Handheld Terminal

Unitech HT730 LR Rugged Handheld Terminal

With a large 4-inch display and brightness of 400 nits, the Unitech HT730LR provides user feedback of scanned data and clear viewing in outdoor environments. Designed for tasks that require heavy scanning, the HT730LR has an integrated 2D scan...

$985.80 to $1,464.30

Unitech EA520 Mobile Handheld Computer

Unitech EA520

The Unitech EA520 is a budget-friendly mobile computer PDT that packs superior performance to its predecessors. Rugged and durable while still being lightweight, the EA520 brings an IP67 rating and 5 feet of drop protection. With its built in...

$561.60 to $683.50

Unitech HT330 Mobile Handheld Computer

Unitech HT330

The Unitech HT330 is the newest addition to Unitech''s mobile lineup featuring the latest Android 12 operating system with GMS certification. With IP67 water resistance, 1.5 meter drop resistance, and a durable 32 key keypad, the HT330 is tough and...


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