3M Touch Systems C3266PW Touchscreen

The 3M Touch Systems C3266PW Touchscreen has been discontinued.
No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.
Large multi-touch display delivers ultimate user experience 3M Touch Systems C3266PW - The 3M-MicroTouch C3266PW is engineered by 3M as a fullyintegrated 32" multi-touch display that combines cutting-edge 3M Projected Capacitive Touch Technology (3M PCT) with a stunning industrial grade, full high-definition, 120Hz LCD display to create the ultimate user interface. This large format multi-touch capability enables true multi-user interaction for cutting edge collaborative and interactive applications. N, allowing developers to create a more natural, intuitive and responsive user experience when compared to infrared-based and optical-based systems. The C3266PW display is supplied with a robust bezel for interactive digital signage solutions or the bezel can be removed to create modern flat front surface interactive tables and kiosk solutions.
Full specifications (PDF)
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