Zebra MC9401-0G1J6CSS-NA Mobile Computer

Zebra MC9400 - Mobile Handheld Computer, Zebra MC9400, LAN, Wi-Fi 6E, Gun, Bluetooth, NFC, 4.3 Display, Vibrator, Android GMS, SE4770 Imager, 6GB RAM/128GB UFS, 43 Key, 7000mAh Standard Battery, North America Only (US, CA, PR)
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Zebra MC9400 Mobile Computer Model Overview

In the most demanding settings, such as manufacturing and warehousing, ports, yards, and retail stores, nearly five million ultra-rugged mobile computers from the Zebra MC9000 Series have helped simplify and error-proof processes. Building on the success of the ultra-rugged MC9000 family, which led the industry, the Zebra MC9400 mobile computer is a perfect solution for situations where cellular data is not needed. When using the MC9400 in harsh environments, like those with Class 1 Div 2 hazardous compounds nearby or below freezing temperatures, you can be sure that the device will be incredibly durable and dependable.

Nearly five million MC9000 Series ultra-rugged mobile computers have helped streamline and error-proof processes in the toughest outdoor and indoor environments — in ports and yards, on the manufacturing floor, in the warehouse and in the back of retail stores. Introducing the next evolution in this highly successful handheld mobile computer family, the MC9400/MC9450. Loaded with all the latest mobile technologies, these devices are faster, ready to power the new generation of industrial applications. 

The MC9400 and MC9450 offer the latest in wireless connectivity, with the flexibility to cost-effectively connect anywhere and everywhere. Private and public 5G provide new affordable wireless networking options in the most expansive outdoor and indoor environments. With two SIM card options, you can support both private and public 5G simultaneously for true connectivity redundancy. And Wi-Fi 6E delivers the fastest available Wi-Fi connections. 

Expect the best in data capture with the new SE58 Extended Range Scan Engine with IntelliFocus™ that delivers an unmatched scanning range — workers can scan bar codes in hand and as far as 100 ft./30.5 m away. And the innovative green laser aimer is seven times more visible than the typical red aimer dot, making it easy for workers to scan at a distance. Biometric facial recognition provides easy access for workers and peace of mind that only pre-authorized users can access devices. Workers can resolve issues quickly with the video-based collaboration, enabled by the high resolution front-facing camera. And with the 16 MP high resolution rear camera, it’s easy to capture highly detailed photos to document the condition of incoming shipments, quality checks and more. With OCR Wedge, workers can capture shipping container identification numbers, tire identification numbers (TINs), vehicle identification numbers (VINs) and more with the press of one button — ideal in manufacturing plants, ports and depots. And with seven keypads to choose from, you can choose the keypad that is best suited to the data utilized in your facility, enabling workers to enter data faster and more accurately. 

Compared to the MC9300, the MC9400 and MC9450 offer 2.5x more processing power, 50% more RAM, 4x the Flash and 8x the micro SD storage.  Whether you’re running simple ‘green screen’ apps or apps powered by augmented reality and artificial intelligence, you can power them all at once. Still running Terminal Emulation apps? Run them right out of the box with Ivanti All-Touch TE — it’s pre-loaded and pre-licensed. Ivanti All-Touch TE can also automatically transform your green screens into graphics-based intuitive modern apps automatically — no coding required. Not only are these devices faster, they’re more rugged and ready for just about any environment — including the freezer and areas where hazardous materials are present. The MC9400 and MC9450 pass Zebra’s toughest drop test, easily surviving 12 ft./3.65 m drops to concrete per MIL-STD 810H. Corning Gorilla Glass protects two of the most vulnerable features — the display and the scanner exit window. With the double IP65 and IP68 sealing rating, you can drop it in water or mud, and even hose it off. And drop and tumble testing is performed with the battery inserted, ensuring that your batteries are as rugged as your devices.

When it comes to flexibility and value-add extras, these devices deliver. No more lost devices to replace — with Device Tracker and the new BLE battery, you can quickly and easily find devices, even if they are turned off or low in power. The large 4.3 in. display is easy to see indoors and outside in bright sunlight — and it works when wet and is easy to use, even with thick gloves.  And you can simplify every aspect of device management and give workers time-saving tools that improve productivity with Mobility DNA, a comprehensive collection of applications that contain many no-cost tools.

When you buy a Zebra Android device, you get features that give you the enterprise control you need. With support to Android 17, you don’t need to worry that your operating system (OS) will become outdated. You choose when and if you want to update — and when you’re ready for an OS update, you can do it automatically with Zebra Zero Touch. When it comes to Google Mobile Services (GMS), you’re in charge — you decide which services to enable to improve security and data privacy. And with Mobility Extensions (Mx), you can choose from over 100 features to add to Android to improve security, wireless connectivity, device manageability and data capture support.

Let the next evolution in the ultra-rugged MC9000 Series power your enterprise to the next level of productivity and efficiency in your most demanding environments with the MC9400 and MC9450 — only from Zebra.

Key Features:

  • Scanning is easier and more reliable than ever with the all-new SE58 — from right up close to over 83 ft./25.3 m away.
  • 7 keypad options, including 53key, 53key VT, 53key 5250, 58key, 43key, 34key, and 29key. IP65/IP68 dual rated for the toughest conditions
  • NEW optional 7000mAh BLE enabled battery - locate lost devices even when powered down or low battery
  • Biometric Facial Recognition-capable for improved sign-on experience for shared devices. Quickly and securely share devices between users in real-time.
  • Zebra Mobility DNA Enterprise enabled, providing a suite of tools and utilities that take the MC94XX to the next level of staging, deployment, health, and functionality. Pre-licensed and pre-installed All Touch TE - powered by Ivanti
Included Battery
Standard Battery (7000mAh)
IP Rating
IP65, IP68
Qualcomm 4490 octa-core; 2.4 GHz
Scan Range
Standard Range
Network Connectivity
Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi 6E
Display Resolution
800 x 480
Operating System
Android, GMS
43 Key Function Numeric
RAM Memory
6 GB
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The Zebra MC9401-0G1J6CSS-NA Mobile Computer is also known as ZEB-MC94010G1J6CSSNA or MC94010G1J6CSSNA.