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Wasp CCD Scanner Scanner
Wasp CCD Scanner Scanner

Wasp CCD Scanner Scanner

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Wasp Barcode CCD Scanner is the most popular solution for scanning barcodes. Its ease of use and durability make the CCD a favorite with customers. Wasp Barcode CCD Scanner simply plugs between your keyboard and computer. Scanned data appears on your screen as if you typed it from your keyboard. Wasp Barcode CCD Scanner allows you to scan into any Windows, DOS, or NT application. Automate your data collection tasks with this easy-to-use, one-touch scanner. Advanced options for hands-free auto-scanning and preamble and post-amble addition are standard.

The Wasp CCD Scanner is also known as the Wasp Bar Code CCD Scanner

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Wasp CCD Scanner (633808091002)
CCD Barcode scanner, WCS3905 includes 8' PS/2 Cable.
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Wasp CCD Scanner (633808091026)
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