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Samsung GVHOUS1 Surveillance Camera Housing

Samsung GV-HOUS1 Housing - GVHOUS1 Indoor/Outdoor Housing (with Mounting Bracket, 18 inch Aluminum Body)
Extruded Aluminum Construction

The GV-HOUS1 is designed as a medium sized enclosure. It can accommodate all CCD cameras with a length up to 9". Constructed of extruded aluminum and equipped with a hinged, latching cover, this housing is well served for general surveillance applications. Equipped with a removable sled the cameras can be set up, adjusted and then re-mounted in the housing. The front cover hinge makes adjustment and service to the camera very accessible.

Full specifications (PDF)

Full specifications (PDF)

Brand Samsung
Model GV-HOUS1
Type Outdoor

The Samsung GVHOUS1 is also known as SMG-GVHOUS1 .